Cine Gear 2019: HEDEN Ymer-3 FIZ Wireless System

Keeping control with the operator when needed

As a long-time camera operator, I sometimes have trouble letting go and allowing camera assistants to do their work. There have been many a time I have grabbed a lens out of habit and pulled the focus and thus… blow up a lens calibration with a wireless follow focus unit. With a suggestion from a friend, we stopped by Heden Group to check out a wireless FIZ controller who can help me with my bad habits.

The Heden Ymer-3 is a high-end wireless control system for Focus / Iris / Zoom that has been designed to be dependable. As you would expect from a Hedén product the motors and the motor control is very precise and direct with no lag.


Heden Ymer-3 Specifications

  • LenSaver manual calibration, a much safer and easier way of manually calibrating.
  • Manual override that makes it possible for an operator to take manual control of the lens without removing the motor or recalibrating the system.
  • Lens mapping function makes lens changes quick and easy.


Heden LM30 Motor

The Heden LM30 is the smallest and lightest motor for professional film and broadcasting cameras we have ever produced, developed in collaboration with Shotover, based on their G1 motor. The weight and size make it a perfect choice for use on Steadicams, gimbals, and drones.

The LM30 Quick Mount features tool-less mounting and an improved snap-on gear solution.

The 7-pin 0B connector reduces weight further and allows smaller and lighter cables.
The motor mounts vertically on a 15mm rod with the supplied super light rod-mount and Hex-key. The unique interchangeable snap-on gears that can be mounted on either side of the gear housing ads to the versatility of the Hedén motors. Supplied with a superlight 0.8 gear module and with 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 modules available as extras.

LM30 Quick Mount is a perfect choice for lightweight operations and as reliable as any Hedén motor


  • Height (body): 36mm/1.4” (Body with gear housing): 55mm/2.16”
  • Width: 21mm/0.83”
  • Length: 103mm/4”
  • Weight (without bracket and gear): 89grams/ 3.14oz
  • Weight (with Quick Mount bracket and gear) 117 grams / 4.13 oz
  • Torque: 0.6 Nm
  • Connector: LEMO 0B 7 pin connector
  • Quick Mount tool-less bracket for 15mm rods

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Brian Hallett, is an award winning cameraman, editor, and producer. He has shot everything from Network broadcast news, promotional image campaigns, music videos, short films, and documentaries. Check out his reel at hallett-brian.com