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Carbon XL: An All-In-One Solution For Camera Motion

Two Biggest Words For Camera Support: Carbon Fiber

Cinegear saw a lot of great products this year, but one of the most striking was the Carbon-XL 10. Anyone who’s ever schlepped up a hill or traveled cross country or traversed through airport security, knows that packing a slider or portable jib can be pure hell.

After a few steps with all that steel, rubber and aluminum strapped on, one begins the question the sanity of their particular expedition. Finally, the same technology that has been in everything from tennis rackets to tripods finally comes to jibs and motion devices.

Imagine carrying a jib, motion control slider, a dolly and a car mount on your back. For me, the very next thought is a ride in an ambulance.

Arizona based Carbon-XL has the all-in-one solution to bring true portability to your motion devices. A literal all-in-one machine, their carbon fiber crane is quite the bag of tricks. The system transforms to meet your needs and location, and comes as many products in one.

The all-in-one Carbon-XL includes all of these standalone products in one complete package weighing a hundred pounds total.

Camera Dolly Track
Zero-Gravity camera Head
Camera Car Mount
Heavy Duty Tripod
Radius Camera Dolly
Motorized Rotating platform
Motorized Time-Lapse dolly Track
Aim And Shoot Pan-Tilt Controller

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