Capsule360: a 3-axis motion control box for photography and video

The Capsule360 is a magic box: it weighs a mere 250g, yet gives you smooth automated pans, tilts, slides and more for video production along with features photographers appreciate.

Capsule360: a 3-axis motion control box for photography and video

Whether you’re a videographer, a photographer or both, the new accessory from MIOPS should be in your toolkit. Now on Kickstarter, Capsule360 is a single motion control box with multiple functions.

Capsule360 was funded in less than 24 hours, after the Kickstarter campaign started. With 24 days to go, the crowdfunding campaign pledged $228,142 of a $75,000 goal, with 404 backers signing in to support the project. It’s not a surprise, as MIOPS, the company behind this project, has a good track record on Kickstarter: in 2014 it used the platform to develop the popular SMART trigger, a smartphone controllable camera trigger for high speed photography, which managed to reach a total of $377,035 from 1,773 backers. In 2016 a total of 2,548 backers pledged $275,188 to help turn a new project in reality: the MIOPS MOBILE, introduced as the world’s most versatile camera remote. Now the company is back with a more ambitious project.

Compatible with any SLR, mirrorless or smartphone, the Capsule360 motion box offers multiple functions in a single accessory, making it, apparently, a good investment that will rapidly pay itself, as it can be used in different projects, both in video and photography. From product photography to astrophotography or advanced video features such as smart-subject tracking and learned-action movement, the Capsule360 does it all. With a range of accessories that expand its potential, it offers filmmakers and stills photographers who want to go further than ever before with their projects, the needed tools in a small package.

“We’re extremely excited to start another crowdfunding campaign and to introduce another great product to the world” said Erkan Yiğiter, co-founder & CTO at MIOPS. “We hope that with all its capabilities, Capsule360 is going to be loved by those working on all sorts of creative productions”

Capsule360: a 3-axis motion control box for photography and video

According to MIOPS, “the Capsule360 will enable users to quickly produce professional videography effects, such as smooth automated pans, tilts and slides (or any combination of them) in their videos. A single Capsule360 will offer a whole series of options, but users can coordinate up to three Capsule360 units right from a smartphone to create multiple axis movements. A good thing is that when several Capsule360 units are working together to create these motions, they do not need any cable connection at all. No more cable clutter!  All units communicate with each other without a cable.

The accessories available from MIOPS extend what the Capsule360 can do. Automated 360° product photography becomes easier using the Capsule360 application and the Capsule360’s turntable accessory available separately. Users can program their camera or smartphone to capture interactive 360° images of products quickly and automatically.

Capsule360: a 3-axis motion control box for photography and video

Capsule360 allows users to add motion to the sequence in their time-lapse exposures, controlling both speed and direction. With the device’s app, you can also take the strain out of adding advanced effects to it such as bulb ramping, interval ramping, HDR and long-exposure.  Astrophotography is also within reach, as the Capsule360 can be set to automatically track the motion of stars precisely, ensuring super sharp star photos at shutter speeds that would normally result in streaky trails.


Capsule360: a 3-axis motion control box for photography and video

The accessory also offers a series of options for videographers. Straight out of the box the Capsule360 will produce smooth pans, while with the optional L-Bracket tilt motion can be added, and camera sliding with the Capsule Slider accessory. This movement requires no cables, while all aspects of its speed and direction can be controlled via the MIOPS app. With the Capsule Dolly, it’s also possible to create linear and curved slide movements for video on flat surfaces. Just connect the Capsule360 unit to it, and control the distance and direction of the dolly’s movement easily via the app.

Capsule360: a 3-axis motion control box for photography and video

Capsule360 can learn motion paths from manual movement, just demonstrate them with a smartphone attached, and they can be repeated as many times as desired. The ability to replicate motion seamlessly allows complex visual effects to be produced during editing. It is possible to configure the speed of this motion and all of its other settings from the mobile application via Bluetooth.

The Capsule360 weighs a mere 250g and is only 105mm at its longest dimension. Compatible with iOS and Android, its rechargeable battery will last, according to the company, 8 hours while shooting video, and 7 days when capturing motion time-lapses. It’s also possible to connect an external USB power source to the device for extended shooting times. Small enough to fit in a corner of a backpack, it’s a practical solution that MIOPS presents as the most versatile motion control box ever created.

Capsule360: a 3-axis motion control box for photography and video

With the campaign funded during the first 24 hours, the Capsule360 seems to be on track to be delivered to the first backers December 2018. The accessory will be available for purchase on MIOPS website. Backers can have it for $199, for the standalone pack, or the premium pack, with three Capsule360, Slider, L bracket, Dolly, Turntable kit and Mobile Dongle for $979.

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