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Blueshape Shows Off Granite Mini Batteries: NAB 2017 Video

Small, powerful, and wifi enabled

Blueshape showed off their new Granite Mini batteries. These new Granite Mini batteries come in two different sizes. 95Wh and 140Wh, but what is special about these Granite Mini batteries is not so much how they power your camera and lights, but how to monitor them while you’re shooting. These Granite Mini batteries are wifi enabled meaning a camera assistant or shooter can monitor how a battery is doing, how much charge is left, and how the battery cell is performing from their smartphone.


About Blueshape

Blueshape was launched internationally in 2004. The initial product range simply consisted of battery products, resulting from the fact that the Blueshape manufacturers were authentic battery makers with several years of experience and ISO 9001 certification in battery design, concepts and assembly.

Blueshape is a native European brand with its base in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Following an encouragingly good international acclamation, the Blueshape management ventured in further investments to produce other useful broadcast products ranging from chargers to accessories such as camera mounting plates and innovative software systems for battery monitoring and testing.

The mission of the company is to provide end-users with a selection of products that never fail to reach or exceed the expected levels in terms of quality performance and lifetime. Blueshape engineers are continually studying cameramen requirements in order to further improve the merits and efficacy of the existing product range and contemporarily, design new ones to better cater for their needs.

Today, Blueshape manufactures some of the best performing V-lock batteries and some of the fastest chargers available on the market.  Blueshape’s obsession is to pack higher value and innovative features within its products. The product range is steadily on the increase with new cutting edge products introduced on a regular basis.

A worldwide dealer network controls the presence and availability of Blueshape products in all continents.
In future years, it is expected that BLUESHAPE will continue to expand and diffuse further into more countries worldwide, as the demand, popularity, and reputation of its products continue to increase. Blueshape is rapidly becoming a familiar name in the world of professional broadcast and cinema production.


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