Blackmagic Wants Your Next Live Broadcast To Be In 4K

Who doesn’t like to save money. I know I do. I especially love a deal, and right now Blackmagic has bundled their 4K ATEM switcher with their 4K recorder at a reduced price. For $2495 you and your live production can go 4K. That is nearly a $1700 savings!

4K ATEAM Switcher 4

Why is Blackmagic doing this sale? Who cares. If anything they more than likely, a total guess here, over stocked their suppliers and are looking for a way to move the product. A second thought is Blackmagic might be trying to gain a little good publicity and hopefully get the word out about their 4K live broadcast products. As the URSA Mini, Micro Cinema Camera, and 4.6K sensor are all “delayed” Blackmagic might also be interested in being apart of a good conversation instead of the constant “they promised to deliver in July” conversation. Just a guess, but I bet the 4.6K sensors, 4.6K URSA, and 4.6K URSA Minis will all suddenly begin shipping at the end of March or early April. They do not want to go into NAB 2016 with cameras promised and not delivered. Can you say fiasco. 

4K ATEAM Switcher Back to the 4K ATEM switcher and recorder deal. Blackmagic is targeting customers who are looking to purchase the standard HD ATEM switcher and recorder. For those who are about to pull the trigger on a HD ATEM switcher and recorder can change their mind and go the 4K route for only $500.00 more. Here are some figures: ATEM Switcher and HD recorder = $1990.00. The discounted 4K ATEM switcher and recorder = $2495.00 saving the buyer $1695. Normally the 4K switcher and recorder costs a customer $4190.00.

Why the combo switcher and recorder? Often times live broadcasts want to record live to tape. I say tape but I can just as easily say “to disk” here. 

The ATEM Production Studio 4K Switcher has many useful features including Ultra HD support, high framer rate 1080p support (up to 60p), a total of 8 video inputes with a full frame re-synchronizer on each input, a dedicated aux output, balanced audio inputs on XLR connectors, HiFi audio inputs and balanced audio outputs. 

The 4K HyperDeck Studio 12G is full of features too. It features 12G-SDI and supports recording to SSD’s in ProRes, DNx and uncompressed video formats. The HyperDeck Studio 12G also has two SSD slots for continuous recording. This 4K recorder also records SD and HD. 

Great NLE Debate frames grabs 7 Nashville Filmmakers Guild used a Blackmagic ATEM switcher and recorder for our Great NLE Debate which we streamed live over the internet. Even during the last mayorial debate on NBC in Nashville was switched using an ATEM switcher, at least I’ve been told the ATEM switcher was used for the debate. It’s a great tool in a small foot print. I’ve personally used the switcher/recorder combination for a multi-cam music video shoot.  Great NLE Debate frames grabs 6

To find out more about the ATEM Production Studio go here:

To find out more about the 4K HyperDeck Studio 12G go here: 

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