Blackmagic releases DaVinci Resolve 18.6 and takes one step closer to real range-based keywording 15
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This is a really great walkthrough! Is there a way to apply to clips in a timeline? I would find this most useful for Multicam interviews, to be able to mark different durations of speech that could be used and just have those segments appear in a smart bin. Is that possible in some way?


Nice. But if I try to add the range-based clips to a new timeline…. it adds the whole clip….


If I am on the Media page and right click a clip/marker in a keyword smart bin, and select ‘Create New Timeline Using Selected Clips’, it adds the entire video to the new timeline. I had a friend try this on a PC and same issue for him. But, I later realized that if Im on the edit page, with a timeline open, and drag the clip from the smart bin, then it only adds the right clip. I like the direction these keyword markers are going but it’s real buggy. For example, if i switch to view the audio instead of the video for a clip on the Media page, it plays the audio from the beginning of the original video, not the beginning of the clip. And when creating a new clip inside of a clip in my keyword smart bin, using in and out points and then selecting ‘Convert In and Out to Duration Marker’ does not work. However, using the old method of hitting ‘M’ on the keyboard does me add a marker. So it seems (at least on my end), that ‘Convert In and Out to Duration Marker’ only works on the original video file. Also, you can’t import export the markers from the source video, only from timeline markers. This is frustrating. As is the inability to zoom in to fine tune the markers, which on long video files is near impossible to fine-tune marker position. There are more bugs too bit Ill stop there.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jake

I confirm this behaviour. I’m on DR latest update 18.6.1 with MacOS Ventura. Adding those “range-based” clips to the timeline in the edit page works. Not in the media page.


thank you for this article, this update really made the editing experience a bit closer to FCPX, and it’s almost the sole reason i didn’t switch over. I tried it and it is not as intuitive or efficient, but it does the job. And i tried, you can make the whole thing one click if you use any third party keyboard modifier, like Keyboard Maestro, or BetterTouchTools (hotkey tricks a series of keyboard actions, so one hotkey can finish off “Convert”-“Modify”-TabTab-KeywordShortcut key). Still not as elegant for sure, but it is quite close. I do wish that this feature is also available in the cut page tho, instead of just in the edit page.

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