Blackmagic Resolve 18.5 released as its now out of beta 1
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Unfortunately, they messed up the biggest, most important feature: They don’t actually have “text based EDITING”: You can only mark text from the transcription, so it’ll be displayed as “strike through” and then export the remaining text not marked for deletion to a new timeline. You can’t edit anything in the manuscript, no ripple delete from there. And once you edit anything on the transcribed timeline, the text is out of sync and you have to transcribe again. It’s a mess they didn’t fix since 18.5 Beta 3. Premiere is light years ahead, any edit will sync to the manuscript, and you can actually edit by editing text. In Resolve it’s not text-based editing, but “Text-based copying to another timeline as long as you didn’t apply any edit to the source timeline”. I was a big fan and switched to Resolve 4 years ago, eagerly waiting for Beta 6 to fix that, but with their final release today, I switched back to Premiere. Real text-based editing speeds up the workflow so much, it’s a dream. Every other features pales in comparison.
Resolve 18.5 doesn’t have it. But hey, we can now upload directly to tik tok!

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