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The biggest difference between the A7s iii and the FX3 has been forgotten. Like all Netflix-approved cameras, the FX3, like other Sony professional cameras, operates in Cine Ei mode in an extended colorspace S-Gamut.cine, on the A7s iii it is just a simulation of the S-Gamut.cine in Rec709


Hi Nick, I’ve now checked that the FX3’s S-Gamut.Cine color space is also not true S-gamut.
Help Guide for FX3:

Usually the Cine Ei mode is an indicator of true S-Gamut.Cine mode.
Sorry, i learned something again.


Hello Nick, I often work with the FS7, it has the same menu as the FX6. You can set S-Gamut.Cine in Custom Mode but the camera works in Custom mode also in Rec709 colorspace (simulation). Only in Cine EI does the camera switch to true S-Gamut. and Exposure Index (EI), not ISO. Maybe the FX3 has the true S-gamut? Arri and Red works only with EI (Exposure Index) Kinfinity explains the difference between EI and ISO best:

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