Atomos plans for camera-to-cloud, LED lighting and why he came back - an exclusive interview with returning CEO Jeromy Young 5
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William Jonson


You left out the lawsuit details involving Blackmagic and Jeromy Young.

A outline of the lawsuit can be found here:

Based on the prior lawsuit it is highly doubtful Blackmagic’s Grant Petty and Jeromy Young will be involved with each other.


You never know. Life is full of surprises.
I intend to find out though. 🙂
Thanks for your comment William.

George Billings

Additional Atomos court case to look at.

Quote from the article:
Atomos has launched legal proceedings against former chief executive Estelle McGechie in the hopes of reclaiming money it lent to her in 2022 so she could put down a deposit for a house in Elwood, a suburb in Melbourne’s south-east.

According to Atomos’ court filings, McGechie asked Atomos for help putting down a deposit to buy a house. Tait, who was also Atomos’ chair at the time, agreed, and the two parties drew up contracts that showed McGechie would pay back $365,000 over six months at an interest rate of 1.75 per cent per annum.
Atomos transferred the money in March 2022, three months after the deadline McGechie needed to move and as Melbourne was emerging from the COVID-19 lockdowns. McGetchie found the house in Elwood, secured a mortgage and bought it.

Unfortunately, McGechie only lasted about 10 months in the top job. While there, she claims she found “rampant illegality” at the company, as well as “securities fraud and revenue manipulation” and “channel stuffing”, which means to ship excessive stock to distributors to artificially boost short-term sales figures.

ASIC pricked up its ears, and pinged the company for falsely beefing up its revenues in April and forced them to re-examine their accounting.

While there, McGechie also learnt about a sexual harassment claim the company had quietly settled out of court, and an “insidious boys club culture”, which are all subject to an unfair dismissal claim that she’s launched in California.

Atomos fired McGechie in April 2022, before she could move into the Elwood house.


Thanks George. It’s an interesting case.

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