Átomos launches Ninja V Pro Kit: RAW over SDI from the Ninja V and more 5
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aapo lettinen

well, it is nice that they enable new features and assemble new kits for filmmakers. But that does not make the actual Ninja V any better for cinematography use. The biggest (and almost the only) problem with that recorder is that it has EXTREMELY NOISY cooling fan which PREVENTS SHOOTING SYNC SOUND indoors with it. Outdoors it is fine and for MOS use it works perfectly (that is what I am using it for) but sync sound indoors? absolutely not. not with that recorder. Maybe if you blimp it, then it will be fine (unless it overheats because of the blimp) . For sync sound it is a very good idea to purchase one of the bigger Atomos recorders which are way lower noise and are perfect for sound shooting

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