Assimilate releases SCRATCH Play Pro, the one player to rule them all

SCRATCH Play Pro, introduced by Assimilate as the most responsive camera format player and transcoder this side of the moon, is now available.

SCRATCH Play Pro, the one player to rule them all is released

Official Apple ProRes encoding, also on Windows, is one of the new features of the brand new SCRATCH Play Pro, from Assimilate, released this month.

SCRATCH is an industry-leading digital cinema engine that continues to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry. Developed by Assimilate, SCRATCH is available in different formats, from the VR to the Web versions, and you even have a Z Cam + SCRATCH VR package, presented as the only true VR production workflow. Ah, and SCRATCH V9.0,  the fully-featured dailies and archiving toolset used by professionals for color-grading / look-management, QC, metadata-management and audio-sync to provide the deliverables for all cinematic dailies.

SCRATCH Play Pro is another member of the family, introduced as the go to player for all things immersive, including HMD support on Windows and Mac. Released this month, SCRATCH Play Pro is a new, re-designed and massive upgrade to it’s industry wide acclaimed universal player software, SCRATCH Play. It expands the already comprehensive feature set of SCRATCH Play with new features, including the now so much requested ProRes rendering (both on OS X and Windows).

SCRATCH Play Pro, the one player to rule them all is released

Assimilate says it is the most responsive player with the most modest hardware requirements and asks users what they prefer: sixteen camera specific format players/transcoders or one universal tool that rules them all! If you prefer the universal tool, then SCRATCH Play Pro is your app. It goes beyond just a media player, supporting Look- and Metadata Management, dual screen / SDI output and the already mentioned rendering ProRes (both on OS X and Windows), H.264 up to 8k and 12 bit H.265.

With support for h.265 / h.264 hardware decoding on Nvidia and AMD, SDI-output through video-io from AJA, Bluefish444 and Blackmagic, DIT-reporting,  HDR-analysis and -reporting, CDL- and LUT-support and much more, SCRATCH Play Pro also has support for all major headsets (Oculus, HTC, Lenovo, etc.), including OpenVR on OS X. How any professional in the media industry has ever been able to live without SCRATCH Play Pro boggles the mind…

SCRATCH Play Pro, the one player to rule them all is released

The video published on YouTube explains how to use the program. Take 5 mins to learn all about the new SCRATCH Play Pro, the most responsive camera format player and transcoder this side of the moon. If you want to understand it better, get the trial from Assimilate’s webpage or buy the program directly off the Assimilate Store. Either subscribe for $19.00 monthly or annually for $199.00.

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Stephen van Vuuren

Sounds great, but that pricing model is a no-go. Software rental is the evil of our time and for roughly half the price of the entire Adobe suite you get… a player app, full-featured, but that’s it. Lots of features but wildly overpriced. $1000 for 5 years of ownership. Plus previous versions of Scratch player have been wildly buggy.


Horrible interface
slow as f…. on Mac