Another video editing app coming to the iPhone

1st Video attempts to make an almost professional editing app

NAB ’10 – Vericorder 1st Video from Hand Held Hollywood on Vimeo.

VeriCorder Technology was showing an entry into the iPhone video editing app with 1st Video. Hand Held Hollywood grabbed a little demo video of the app in action. It has apparently been submitted to the app store for approval so it may come to life any day now.

This looks like a much more full featured editing app than the other iPhone video editing app ReelDirector. I say the other as I think there are only the two but who really knows since it’s not very easy to find and discover new apps in the app store unless it is featured or someone directs you right to it.

1st Video looks really cool as it’s trying to add more features that an editor might actually want. Add to that a Pro version and it looks like VeriCorder are attempting to take the iPhone beyond a novelty as a production tool and trying to make it into something that might be usable for news or event coverage. I was using one of their Mini Mics for the few NAB RealTime videos that I grabbed with my iPhone. It sounded good considering it was recorded with a phone on a loud trade show floor. If only there had been more and better wifi to upload the clips!

What I would really like to see is an iPad version of the 1st Video app. Optimize it for the big iPad screen and then allow Bluetooth or wifi transfers of video clips from the iPhone to the iPad. Then you can edit the video on the iPad, render and email or upload with the faster processor while someone continues to shoot with the iPhone. And intriguing possibility for the right situation.


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