Amazon features my book in 3 locations worldwide

Amazon.com, Amazon.es and Amazon.com.mx are honoring one of my titles in March.

In prior years, Amazon has honored and featured some of my titles, at its own discretion. However, to my recollection, it’s the first time they are doing it in 3 divisions simultaneously: Amazon.com, Amazon.es and Amazon.com.mx with a special discounted price for the ebook version, although not for the paperback. The one being featured is La conspiración del castellano. This book is also available in English as The Castilian Conspiracy, although that is not the one put on sale by Amazon. Ahead are links to these two, plus to the corresponding multimedia titles The Royal Spanish Coverup and to El encubrimiento de la Real Academia, both of which include an HD video with 3D timeline.

The above links are for the Kindle ebook and paperback versions.

Below are links to related multimedia books on the same topic, which contain an HD video 3D timeline:

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