Alexa 65 shows that large format TV makes a difference in "Altered Carbon" 17
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I’m a photographer and just randomly came across this article. At first I thought this would be about the series and drama in it, but then I (once again) realized how much cinematography is similar to photography. It’s all about color and light composition. It’s a thing one easily forgets when just binge watching netflix series during this lockdown. You now motivated me to give this series a try and to pay more attention to the artistic elements, framing, backgrounds or color composition – thanks for opening my eyes to this.
I think you are right, high quality TVs are the future and a huge competitor to Theaters… especially at this time, when cinemas needed to stay closed. More and more people appreciate high quality entertainment systems at home. A friend of mine just bought himself one of these big screened TVs from C-Seed. We already were looking through our best Photography shots on it – thats really a difference! Never seen my work that way.
Maybe I can ask him to watch this series on his TV with me, so we can analyse the cinematography in it together.

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