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Update: 02/13/17 Added AE CC 2015.3, 2017
Update: 06/17/15 Added AE CC 2015
Update: 07/08/14 Added AE 7 just for fun

Random post this week. I wanted to share some application icons for After Effects. I made these mostly for my ridiculous laptop that is running AE versions as far back as AE7. Being that the Adobe included icons are simple in nature, they tend to be confusing when running versions 5 and 5.5, or CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015 any version higher than 5.0 side by side. The icons are nearly identical with some slight color shifts, so it can be a bit annoying trying to see the version at a quick glance. So below is a link to a zip file of the icons I made to help me see which app version I was about to click on to start. Figured they may come in handy for you as well.


ae icons

Download link for the ZIP file is here:


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