After Effects ExtendScript Training: Ep. 9

ExtendScript Script Writing Training

Welcome to episode 9 of the After Effects ExtendScript Training series. We will continue from last week and modify our script even further to search through our project layers for all of our blue solids and change their source color to red. We will also update the blue solid names by replacing the text “blue” with “red”. The core code we will end up with in this script at the end is modifiable and allows you to search through your project items and comp layers to read or change a variety of properties by simply adjusting a few lines of code. If you missed last weeks episode or any of the previous episodes in this series, here are links to those videos right here.

Previous episodes in the series:

Episode 1 (Intro)

Episode 2 (Javascript Basics p1)

Episode 3 (Javascript Basics p2)

Episode 4 (After Effects Object Model structure overview / Script Preparation and development tips / Single Item Access of various project items, comps and layers)

Episode 5 (Access Renderqueue items, output modules and file paths / Multiple item access of project items, comps and layers / Batch change all renderqueue items file paths)

Episode 6 (Collecting data into an Array() / Changing values / Various tips)

Episode 7 (Create new comps and folders / Create Null, Solid, and Text layers)

Episode 8 (Create multiple comps of various sizes / Use Undo group / Add solids to match each comp / Various tips)

In this episode:

– Loop through all comps and layers
– Change all blue solids source color to red
– Update solid names to correspond to new color


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