After Effects ExtendScript Training: Ep. 7

ExtendScript Script Writing Training

Welcome to episode 7 of the After Effects ExtendScript Training series. This week we will be creating new comps and folders as well as creating Nulls, Solids and Text layers.

If you have missed the last few episodes you can find them here:

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Episode 2 (Javascript Basics p1)

Episode 3 (Javascript Basics p2)

Episode 4 (After Effects Object Model structure overview / Script Preparation and development tips / Single Item Access of various project items, comps and layers)

Episode 5 (Access Renderqueue items, output modules and file paths / Multiple item access of project items, comps and layers / Batch change all renderqueue items file paths)

Episode 6 (Collecting data into an Array() / Changing values / Various tips)

In this episode:
– Create new comps and folders
– Create Null, Solid, and Text layers



David Torno

David Torno is a Visual Effects professional based in Los Angeles, California. His work over the years has included commercials, feature films, music videos, and multimedia projects. During his free time, David enjoys expanding his knowledge in Visual Effects by learning new softwares and techniques that are being used. Along the way he also contributes to the visual effects community by offering helpful tools, and tutorials that creative professionals around the world can benefit from.

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Joeyray Hall
Joeyray Hall

I am new to scripting and am having great trouble adding an image from the project to a comp as a layer. I cannot seem to find or understand how to do it. I have a comp and image in the project I just want to script the image and others into the comp as layers. This seems to me to be something that is simple but I am just not understanding what code is needed to do it.

David Torno

Hi Joeyray, adding a FootageItem to a CompItem is as simple as “app.project.item().layers.add()”. What you have to do is determine the FootageItem you want to add and the CompItem to add to. So…

var myClip = app.project.item(1); //assumes the first project item is footage
var myComp = app.project.item(2); //assumes the second item is a comp