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Production Premium Plays a Part in the Digital Process Workflow Lab


The Digital Process Workflow Lab is making its debut at Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo today, so we asked Van Bedient, Senior Business Development Manager, Adobe Systems, to give us some insight about his company’s participation in the Lab.

PVC: How did Adobe become involved in the Digital Process Workflow Lab?

VB: We were invited by Createasphere to participate in this exciting event showcasing Digital Process Workflows. And since so many of our partners are participating, it is a natural fit for Adobe to participate

PVC: What do you hope attendees will take away from a tour of the Digital Process Workflow Lab?

VB: Streamlined and fluid file-based workflows have been and will continue to be of paramount importance to the production and post production process. Content creators are facing requirements to produce more and more programming under very tight deadlines and efficiency is key to their success. The transition to file-based workflows has also introduced new challenges on how to effectively manage, distribute, archive and repurpose content. The Lab will feature state-of-the-art workflows highlighting the tight interoperability between products necessary to keep up with accelerated growth of distribution outlets and increased demand for digital content. Adobe is pleased to contribute to the success of the DPW lab and help improve how broadcasters, filmmakers and video professionals create, deliver and monetize high-quality productions across multiple screens.

PVC: What solutions does Adobe provide to the digital process workflow and how do they integrate?

VB: We will be featuring Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium software which offers a sleek, fresh editing environment in Adobe Premiere Pro as well as many powerful new features in Adobe After Effects. Adobe delivers impressive performance when running on Dell Precision Workstations and NVIDIA accelerated graphics. As part of our commitment to the industry to improve workflow efficiencies and reduce overall costs with other third-party applications, Adobe will showcase its panel integration with Levels Beyond in Adobe Premiere Pro. This panel integration with Levels Beyond Reach Engine enables users to have full access to their video library directly within Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe will also highlight our support for NewBlueFX, ARRI, and FilmLight and other integration points that can be seen throughout the majority of the Digital Process Workflow. Additionally, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects will be running on a centralized storage platform running Quantum’s StorNext file system.

PVC: Which types of industries would benefit from incorporating this workflow into their business structure? What would these benefits include?

VB: In virtually all of the industries we serve, Adobe is finding customers share the same challenges to create high-quality video productions, mesmerizing motion graphics, stunning visual effects, and immersive, interactive experiences for virtually any screen. The workflows featured will highlight how to accelerate production workflows and stay on top of changing business demands and distribution landscapes through off-the-shelf solutions, extensive customizability, and collaborative integration between Adobe and our key partnerships featured at the DPW Lab.

PVC: How quickly do you expect this sort of workflow to become an industry standard?

VB: Smartphones, tablets, screens of all sizes – these are the new realities for broadcast. Adobe, in conjunction with our partners, can provide solutions which let you adjust your business for maximum success, with tools that help you engage, analyze and grow your audience. One of the great aspects of the Digital Process Workflow Lab is that all of the products, solutions and workflows featured in the Digital Process Workflow are available and in use by leading media companies today.

PVC: Any other comments about the Lab?

VB: Just that we at Adobe are thrilled to be a part of this event and hope to see everyone at the show!

The Digital Process Workflow Lab is open today, Thursday, November 8th, from 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Register here now.

Nathan Thompson

Nathan has filmed all walks of life, from short films, music videos, and corporate commercials, to humanitarian efforts in Africa and the war in Afghanistan. He is a 19 time Emmy Award winning filmmaker and was named the 2012 National Videographer of the Year by the National Press Photographer’s Association. Having taught around the country, including the renowned Poynter Institute, Nathan is also an accomplished instructor. Outside of work he geeks out on vintage cinema lenses, rock climbing, running and drumming.

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