A new professional filter holder for Samsung S smartphones
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Dee dye

Any idea when this will be available in usa


I essentially gave up on using my s21 with filters because of the problems you mention, poor alignment leading to vignetting.

Until I discovered this on the Samsung galaxy website. It means there is life in the old dog yet.

What is the greatest part of this is they designed it to work with other camera accessories plus the option of using other things beyond nd and cpl filters at good size. Which means any current camera accessories you have are usable potentially.

My feeling was that a Sony xperia handset would be my next mobile buy. Until then at least I might be able to maximise the potential. Being able to use all lenses without any discerning vignetting is a game changer.


I really wish they would think of making an adapter for the anamorphic lenses. This adapter covers all lenses of the S22 Ultra, but the anamorphic lenses need to perfectly fit over the main camera…

Billy Snyder

Second this !


It’s available on eBay! Just copy and paste the number of the adapter onto eBay.

Last edited 11 months ago by Peter

samsung could increase the sale of its phone if it facilitated filter installation cooperate with gimbal makers. many don’t buy Samsung due to this reason. thousands of companies making accessories for iPhones, but not for Samsung or other phones. The above 72mm filter adapter is not so good. the CPL filter moves with the ND filter if you want to adjust the light. The adapter doesn’t hold the phone strongly.

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