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A free guide to flash terminology

Understanding how flash works is essential if you want to evolve as a photographer. Knowing the right terms to use is part of the learning. Now there is a FREE eBook with the essential flash terminology.


Ambient light is great, but sometimes a flash is the only way to achieve the result a photographer wants. Not even continuous light does the trick. The eBook Flash Terminology: a Practical Look at Small Flashes, Diffusers and More! by Derrick Story helps you to understand the basics and the jargon associated with the universe of flash.

flashtermsguide003If you do not know what PC Terminal or Ring Light mean, the 20 pages of this small and FREE eBook from Rocky Nook will help you to understand those terms, and some more. The guide offers not only advice about exposure and the use of flash, but also a comprehensive list of 43 practical flash terms, things like Ambient Light, Bounce Flash, Brolly, Cold Shoe, Forced Flash, Gobo, Hot Shoe, Ring Light, and many more!

While some of the terms in use relate to areas of photography that might not interest some readers, others will discover they are essential for the type of photography they want to explore. And many times you’ll discover that what essentially looks like a tool for one area of photography also can be used in another one, simply because… light is light.

Things like Gobo or Snoot may not be what a nature photographer wants to know first when it comes to the use of flash, but you soon discover that these accessories will, sometimes, also be part of your arsenal when going out, even if you do not think so when first discovering what they do. Knowing what to call them will make it easier to discuss light with other photographers. This eBook will give you the essential information to gain a new grasp about the tools photographers use when playing with light.


Rocky Nook’s Free Guide to Flash Terminology is mostly geared to the use of small flashes, those portable unites you take everywhere and sometimes don’t really understand. This eBook is a first step in the right direction to know more about flash. It not only offers easy-to-follow breakdowns of popular flash vocabulary, but also has some helpful anecdotes on best approaches for flash equipment uses.

I’ve picked some of my photographs using portable flash, as an example of the potential of using one or sometimes two units, mostly away from your camera and controlled by radio, to illustrate this article about the guide from Rocky Nook. Those photographs are used to promote my workshop “Flash Without Fear”, which is based on a simple idea: flash light is also natural. In fact, flash can be your portable sun that you take everywhere, once you understand how to use it. As the main source of light or balanced with daylight, it extends your options when photographing. Why shouldn’t we use to learn it?

If by now you want to better understand flash, the eBook Flash Terminology: a Practical Look at Small Flashes, Diffusers and More! by Derrick Story, a FREE download from Rocky Nook’s website, is a good starting point. Try it now.



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