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A Backpack Anti-Pickpockets

MindShift Gear’s new rotation180° Travel Away backpack provides global travelers added security and quickest access to gear.

MindShift Gear, developer of the world’s first patented rotating backpack, announced it will be releasing the first rotating backpack for global travelers and outdoor explorers, the rotation180° Travel Away.

When traveling in unfamiliar places, knowing where critical items are and protecting them from prying eyes are very important.  In one swift motion, only the wearer can rotate the concealed beltpack to the front for instantaneous and secure access to cameras, passports, guidebooks, tablets, or other travel essentials. No more being forced to stop in front of strangers to remove a backpack to gain access to essential travel items.

Travelers will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their critical and most valuable items are stowed away securely and are inaccessible to others due to the rotation180° Travel Away's innovative design. The backpack also has dedicated pockets to conceal a 15” laptop and 10” tablet, while the beltpack can fit an 8” tablet.

“As someone who spends a great deal of my life traveling around the globe, I know the joy of travel as well as its challenges,” said MindShift Gear’s CEO and lead designer Doug Murdoch.  “We designed the rotation180° Travel Away for the discerning traveler who wishes to keep their eyes on the wonders unfolding in front of them, safe in knowing that their essential gear is protected from prying eyes and ready for quick access with just a twist of the lower beltpack.

Murdoch added, “The rotation180° Travel Away employs the same patented technology that recently won two of Europe’s top design awards, the Red Dot Award and the OutDoor Industry Award 2014.”

Key Features

  • Rotating beltpack for accessing travel essentials: 8” tablet (iPad mini), large point and shoot,  maps, passport, currency, etc.
  • Backpack has dedicated pockets to conceal up to a 15” laptop and a 10” tablet.
  • 2 bags in 1: Removable beltpack can be worn on its own for traveling light.
  • Size qualifies as a personal carry-on item for air travel.
  • Side compression straps enable carrying of trekking poles, a small tripod, or jacket.
  • Locking sliders on the main compartment secures valuables with a travel lock (not included).
  • Backpack rear pocket provides quick access to a camera, AC adapters, large sunglasses, books or other large items.
  • Additional room for books, jacket, extra clothing, hat, gloves, food, etc.
  • Ultra-Stretch pocket for water bottle.
  • Durable materials hold up in harsh conditions.
  • Breathable padded airflow harness with adjustable sternum strap and attachment points.
  • Curved back panel with single aluminum stay for pack stability.
  • Optional seam-sealed rain cover functions with rotation technology (sold separately).

Gear Profile

  • Beltpack: 8” tablet (iPad mini), large point and shoot camera, small electronics, guide books, maps, passport, tickets, currency, ID, food and more.
  • Backpack: 15” laptop, 10” tablet, AC adapters, outlet converters, noise-canceling headphones, a jacket, extra clothes, books, hat, gloves, travel pillow, water bottle, food and more.
  • Beltpack Camera Profile: Nikon 7800, Canon G16, Sony RX100 and Sony a5000 with pancake lens, or similar sized cameras.

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