36 Filmmakers Show Mobile Films in San Diego

The International Mobil Film Festival shows in San Diego, April 25 and 26, the work from participants in this edition: 36 filmmakers from around the world!


On its fourth year, the International Mobil Film Festival, organized by S. Botello Productions, aims to be the place for cinematographers of all ages to share their ideas, through films created with mobile phones.

According to the organizers, “the purpose of our mobile film festival is not only to create interest and spark creativity in people of all ages with limited income or resources, but to actually inspire creative filmmakers to live to their potential and realize the opportunity to fulfill their dream. ​The International Mobil Film Festival is for everyone! All ages welcome.”

In fact, this festival, as so many other mobile phone festivals, provides a venue for all humans to make a mobile film regardless of experience. This is an equal arena for all filmmakers all around the world, famous and not so famous alike. The participation of 36 filmmakers around the world indicates that San Diego’s International Mobil Film Festival attracts the attention of those aspiring to create movies. Participants from Great Britain, Philippines, Turkey, Belarus, Morocco, India, Hungary, Egypt, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, Iran, France, and multiple places in the United States sent their work in. Film submissions opened July 1st, 2014 (midnight in California time) and ended January 19, 2015 (midnight in California time). The festival is usually held on the last week of April, each year.

One good example of what can be achieved with a mobile phone is the short film The Fixer, from Conrad Mess, winner of the International Mobil Film Festival in 2012. “The Fixer” was shot on the cell phone and then treated with special effects on a computer. Check S. Botello Productions page in YouTube to see some of the films from previous years.

The 2016 edition of the International Mobil Film Festival has already been announced. In July, 2016 submissions will open. But the organizers have already published the rules, which set the tone for the festival:

  • PARTICIPANTS – You must be human beings. That is all we ask for. We don’t limit artists/entrants/participants because of their age, income level, disabilities, race or ethnicity, sex or anything! If you are a human being you qualify as a filmmaker if you enter a qualfiyng film. We encourage anyone who believes they may not qualify even though they are human to give it a shot. Entries are FREE so it’s a cinch! Just Do it.
  • EQUIPMENT – In case we weren’t clear: CELL PHONE VIDEO CAMERAS ONLY!!! All other production equipment, lights, cranes, dollies, etc. are allowed. Since mobile filmmaking has become an industry, you can find customized equipment online and stores if you need it.
  • ONE (1) ENTRY per person and/or entity. If you are an organization, please contact us!
  • FORMAT – We prefer (.mov) files, but we will work with what your cell phone video provides by default (Please record FULL QUALITY video in widescreen format – adjust settings if you need to).
  • APPS – Automatic editing apps are not allowed. The only apps you may use are video editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Splice, etc. on your phone or computer. These types of apps do not create your movie for you.
  • COPYRIGHTS: We cannot accept any THIRD-PARTY music, images & photos or graphics in your video. We apologize, however, we are keeping your cost to produce your video down and increasing your creativity! If you can verify your right to use them through our strict legal process you may contact us. This also limits your risks.

Follow the link to know more about the International Mobil Film Festival.

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