Why I finally bought a Synology NAS for After Effects 1
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Chris Ellwood

Wow Chris, you made someone that doesn’t normally read long articles…read a long article, kudos. I have to say that I mainly continued to read as I was curious about your path as well as your final destination. Though also, it was an incredibly well written piece – I’m no grammar/typo assassin, but I couldn’t fault it. I was in a similar situation, though with nowhere near the same level of urgency. My data evolution wasn’t the same as yours, but the main thing is we both found a solution that suited us personally. All the best from the UK. Chris P.S. Google suggested your article on my phone.


Wow. Great article. Can’t remember last time I read something this long from start to finish. Thank you for your time and effort to write it.


That was an excruciatingly difficult read. I feel like you owe me money.

The only reason I didn’t stop was because I wanted to hear if link aggregation worked for you.

I run a dual port 10Gb SPF+ card directly to my NAS (no switch involved) and I can’t get link aggregation to work because I need Windows 10 Server.

In the future, hire an editor off of Fivver or something.

Scott Simmons

Don’t let the naysayers get you down Chris. You do you.

Gavin Greenwalt

FYI if you enable beta packages in Synology and download the new SMB client you can enable “multichannel” which uses multiple unmanaged ports on your switch. Assuming your client is windows.

Also the correct answer for 10G networking these days is Mikrotik. If you go the SFP+ route you can use DAC cables which are dirt cheap and you can get SFP+ mellanox connect-x 3 cards on eBay for like $15 each. We have so many now in the office that I don’t even know what to do with them. You can even use them in a Synology and save $150 over the name brand cards. Using SFP+ also means you can buy 100Gbe switches and use a QSFP+ breakout (quad SFP+) and serve 4 computers from a single port. https://www.servethehome.com/mikrotik-crs504-4xq-in-review-momentus-4x-100gbe-and-25gbe-desktop-switch-marvell/

If you don’t mind really getting your hands dirty with used gear 40gbe gear is pretty cheap on eBay.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gavin Greenwalt
Matthew Bradley

Just a note about link aggregation. A common misnomer is this doubles bandwidth when in reality it’s only when using multiple devices do you see the increased speed. When working with one pc, you would still only see 1gig throughout.

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