DaVinci Resolve 15 + Fusion Integration = Many Happy Editors

Fusion 15 Integration - Splash Screen

I’ll be honest right off the bat in this article.  I’m not a big color grader. I’m more a visual effects and compositing editor.  That’s why, for the most part, the bulk of my editing and effects workflows have been in Media Composer and After Effects.  You might be thinking, “well, why not Premiere?”. To […]

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Silence in Sound – 28 Weeks of Post Audio Redux

Silence in sound

Editor’s Note: “28 Weeks of Post Audio” originally ran over the course of 28 weeks starting in November of 2016. Given the renewed focus on the importance of audio for productions of all types, PVC has decided to republish it as a daily series this month along with a new entry from Woody at the […]

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ISOCELL technology: is Samsung behind Fujifilm’s next sensor?

ISOCELL technology: is Samsung crafting Fujifilm’s next sensor?

Samsung’s ISOCELL sensors can record slow motion video at 960fps, reduce the ‘jello-effect,’ capture real-time HDR and have Dual Pixel autofocus. Is this something we will see inside Fujifilm’s X cameras? While there has always been people on one side or the other of the dispute about the relation “quality versus problems” of Fujifilm’s X-Trans […]

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Replacing a Sky in Final Cut Pro X

Replacing a Sky in Final Cut Pro X 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3jG9BwZjwo&lc=z22dg15itq24slsxq04t1aokgjlyyl5cor0stmxunc1wbk0h00410.1529470456832436 This week on MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows us how to replace a sky in Final Cut Pro X. The shot in question a low medium shot of a Roman soldier against a rather dark and overcast sky. Steve starts by color correcting the shot using a Color Curves correction. Using […]

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