Sony Shows Off The UMC-S3CA: NAB 2017 Video


At NAB 2017, Sony showed off the UMC-S3CA. This is a camera with the same extreme low-light sensor as Sony’s popular A7S II. So what is the difference? Leading off the UMC-S3CA has no record limit. Card size is all that dictates how long the UMC-S3CA can record. There are zero operating buttons or a […]

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iClone & HitFilm, tools in the animator’s tool box

iClone and HitFilm, tools in the animator's tool box

The prehistoric animation by Kevin Seid was created with a beta version of iClone7 and HitFilm Pro 2017. The new version of iClone will be available June 2017. The new version of iClone, from Reallusion, introduces a series of innovations, giving independent animators and studios more creative possibilities through a range of accessible and increasingly […]

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Watch “Avid ScriptSync Fuses Your Media to Your Scripts” On-Demand at

Watch "Avid ScriptSync Fuses Your Media to Your Scripts" On-Demand at 2

One of the little-known secrets in narrative editing is Avid’s Script-Based Editing interface. It allows editors to click on words in the script and jump right to the video dialog they’re from. But the process is prohibitively time-consuming once dozens and dozens of transcripts start arriving. Now that Avid has released ScriptSync, an option for […]

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