Creative Cloud update: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more

Creative Cloud for Design January 2014

Adobe announced availability of a major update to Creative Cloud, aimed especially at designers, with new features for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Even if you already used free trials, there's another free 30-day trial period for Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Adobe Muse CC.

The updates are available starting January 16. If you're not seeing updates, you might force the CC desktop application to check for updates, since it checks just once per day. First, quit the CC desktop app (click on the gear icon in the upper right and choose Quit). Then, launch the Creative Cloud desktop application so it will check for updates. There's also a troubleshooting guide and an Adobe Forum for Creative Cloud Download & Install info to get feedback if that doesn't do the trick.

Creative Cloud for video 2013 updates were discussed recently in Top After Effects feature requests of 2013.

Here's the main new features, with product links, select video, as well as links to new feature basics tutorials:

Creative Cloud for Designers


Photoshop CC


Illustrator CC

  • Create perfect, editable rounded corners with the new Live Corners controls.
  • Draw more intuitively with the rebuilt Pencil Tool, and use the Path Segment Reshape feature to quickly modify existing objects. 
  • Change the view of perspective drawings, and export responsive SVG code and graphics that resize when viewed on multiple screens.
  • Pressure-sensitive pen on the latest Windows 8 tablet computers, along with enhanced direct touch support.


InDesign CC

  • Support for the EPUB 3.0 specification provides new ways to add interactivity to eBooks.
  • Enhancements to hyperlink creation and editing speed up the creation of EPUBs, PDFs, and iPad apps.
  • Pop-up footnotes streamline the EPUB reading experience, and support for Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic text allows you to reach new audiences.


Typekit desktop font integration in InDesign CC and Illustrator CC

  • Quick Access to 100's of Typekit Fonts – $36,000 worth of desktop fonts are now accessible directly from the InDesign CC and Illustrator CC font menus, a new way to browse for fonts during the design process.
  • Font management – sync to your desktop, and fonts will be immediately available in your font menu in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and more.
  • Manage missing fonts – InDesign CC will automatically search the Typekit desktop font library for missing fonts and give you the option to use those fonts or similar ones if it finds a match.
  • Help tutorial: How to add fonts to your desktop apps through Creative Cloud
  • Summary from InDesign Secrets.
Update: Here's a list of Adobe training video from January 17,


Illustrator CC
How to draw with the Pencil tool and Path Segment reshape in Illustrator | Project-based tutorial
How to work with Live Corners in Illustrator | Project-based tutorial
What’s new in Illustrator (Jan, 2014) | Video
All-new pencil tool | Video
Path segment reshaping | Video
Live Corners | Video
Custom Tools panels | Video
Timesaver features | Video
Typekit integration in Illustrator | Video
Responsive SVG files | Video

InDesign CC
What’s new in InDesign (Jan, 2014) | Video
What’s new for EPUB? (Jan, 2014) | Video
Simplified Hyperlinks | Video
Typekit desktop fonts and Font menu enhancements | Video

Photoshop CC
Scripted Patterns and fills | Video
Photoshop 14.2 JDIs | Video
How to link Smart Objects in Photoshop | Project-based video
How to adjust perspective in a photo | Project-based video
Get new Typefaces for your printed photo projects | Video

Creative Cloud
How to add fonts to your desktop apps through Creative Cloud | Project-based video


Illustrator CC
Adobe Illustrator CC: What’s new in January 2014
All-new pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator CC
Path Segment Reshape in Adobe Illustrator CC
Live Corners in Adobe Illustrator CC
Custom Tools panels in Illustrator CC
Typekit Integration in Illustrator CC
Responsive SVG in Illustrator CC
Customer-requested timesavers in Illustrator CC

InDesign CC
What’s New in InDesign CC
Typekit desktop fonts and Font Menu Enhancements in InDesign CC
Simplified Hyperlinks in InDesign CC
What’s New for EPUB in InDesign CC

Photoshop CC
Linked Smart Objects
Perspective warp
Scripted patterns and fills
Photoshop 14.2 JDIs

Creative Cloud
Get new typefaces for your printed projects
How to Use Typekit Desktop Fonts


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