Honda announced today that they have started production on a vehicle that produces no measurable emissions. Beyond the implications for the environment and all of us on this planet, it’s even more encouraging that steps are being taken to limit and eradicate inefficiencies. Now that it’s possible with vehicles, what about marketing and creative departments? I know, I know, marketing and creative departments…zero emissions…not possible. Well, getting rid of all excess might be slightly ambiguous, Widen is certainly lending a hand in cutting down on the creative department carbon footprint.

Widen’s digital asset management (DAM) solutions help thousands of users every day. Simplifying the storage, conversion and delivery of assets, as well as streamlining photography workflows and collateral material creation are all just benefits of using Widen’s services. While duplicate and misplaced files, corrupted file data and complicated conversions may be raising your departmental level of “emissions”, technology now exists that can help you eradicate that unneeded waste.

Widen’s current users experience “zero emissions” marketing on a daily basis. Brand and content management are simplified, time to market is decreased and our favorite praise, frustration has greatly decreased. While the status quo may be fine for secondary workflows, asset management certainly is an exception. Departments and organizations are seeing an ROI inside of 12 months and the acceptable rate of your departmental emissions is more than likely going to be decreased in the near future. Maybe it’s time to take a step in the right direction and explore a little bit more about possible solutions.

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