X-Rite announces support for 4K+ monitors

With monitors being larger and with more resolution, X-Rite announced i1Profiler color calibration support for 4K+ monitors for photographers and filmmakers.

X-Rite announces support for 4K+ monitors

The i1Display Pro and i1Pro 2 solutions from X-Rite will be updated in May with the latest i1Profiler software. Photographers and filmmakers will benefit from the new features included.

Announced at NAB 2017, the i1Profiler update support for i1Display Pro and i1Pro 2 solutions for field displays, recorders, laptops, and monitors using high DPI 4k+ is currently in beta, with an anticipated release in early May 2017.

The update to 4K+ support shows X-Rite’s commitment to stay current with evolving technologies. The latest i1Profiler software, which already includes Rec-709, Rec-2020 and DCI-P3 support, offers filmmakers true color image representation, on screen and on/off set. With the latest i1Profiler update, value is extended to field monitors/displays, desktops and laptops to include high DPI 4K+ – giving them the ability to deliver accurate color from capture-to-view, to video, to-print, more seamlessly and faster than ever before.

“We recognize the growing need to not only accommodate photographers, but also give the film and video industry unrivaled color accuracy on all modern display technologies and select field-monitors, such as Atomos, with our i1Display Pro and i1Pro 2 solutions, especially critical when capturing and editing footage,” states X-Rite Vice President of Product Marketing Chris Winczewski.

Winczewski continues, “The i1Display Pro offers filmmakers, cinematographers, colorists, and editors, cost-effective/time-saving editing tools in a professional color-viewing experience throughout the entire video production workflow. Based on a century of color theory science, X-Rite continues to be the trusted standard in color innovation as workflows accelerate into the demanding world of high DPI.”

X-Rite has specially bundled solutions to meet the demands of the film and photo industries with the i1 Photography Kit and i1 Filmmaker Kit, created for professionals looking for the highest level of on-screen color accuracy and the ability to achieve ideal color balance from shoot-to-edit.

The i1 Filmmaker Kit is a convenient bundle of essential color tools that achieves fast, efficient color balance for video production. It is comprised of i1Display Pro colorimeter, i1Profiler software and ColorChecker Passport Video targets. Part of the acclaimed X-Rite ColorChecker line used by professional photographers and filmmakers for over 40-years, ColorChecker Passport Video delivers an in-frame reference starting point for setting exposure and matching multiple cameras to attain an ideal neutral color before applying a ‘creative look,’. This kit gives discerning filmmakers the highest level of on-screen color accuracy and ability to achieve ideal shoot-to-edit color balance. The i1 Photography Kit is bundled with the i1Display Pro solution and a ColorChecker Passport Photo.

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