Wrapping Text in Motion

On This Week’s MacBreak Studio

This week on MacBreak Studio, I show Steve Martin from Ripple Training how wrap text around an object and animate it.

There are five different Layout Methods for text layers in Motion. The default is “Type” and it's the one you'll likely use most often. The Paragraph method is great for keeping lower thirds within title safe or for when you have a lot of text that you want to constrain to a box. Scroll and Crawl options let you animate text up or across the screen. And finally there's the Path option, which lets you conform to your text to any kind of path including open or closed splines, circles, rectangle, and waves – or you can even conform your text to a shape that you've drawn with Motion's shape tools.

One of the cool things about using the Path method for laying out your text is that the paths can be manipulated in 3D space – and they can interact with other layers as long as they are in 3D groups.

In today's episode, I use a circle shape for the text in order to wrap it around another layer. Then I show how you can easily animate the text to move along the path by applying a parameter behavior to the Path Offset parameter. Enjoy!


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