Wooden Camera’s new Zip Focus

The first of Wooden Camera’s products for NAB 2018 was announced today: it’s a universal single-rod follow focus, named Zip Focus.

Wooden Camera’s new Zip Focus

Ideal for compact and handheld camera setups, the new Zip Focus is presented in two kits, each available at an affordable price: $499. Discover them at the 2018 NAB Show, in Las Vegas.

A single-sided follow focus option, the Zip Focus takes up little space when stored in your bag, and can be easily and quickly adjusted to accommodate any lens and camera configuration, from a DSLR to a RED. The Zip Focus securely locks into position and will not slip, making it an ideal accessory for compact and handheld camera setups.

Wooden Camera’s new Zip Focus

This reliable single-rod follow focus is perfect for handheld rigs and shooting solo and because it is “universal”, it will swiftly transition between rod standards & lenses with individual swing arms and flippable gears. Handheld control is easy, says Wooden Camera, and the unit “inspires smooth focus pulls with a 1:1 ratio on all lens types”.

Wooden Camera mentions that “our unique pivoting bracket ensures the hand wheel is always in the upright position and is interchangeable between a 15mm lightweight and 15mm Studio/ 19mm rod clamp.” In fact, the new accessory is available in two flavors: the 15mm LW version or 19mm/15mm Studio version. Included in the kit is a hard stop disk, two standard marking disks, 0.8 mod cine gear, and friction gear. The swing arms, mentioned above, are also available for individual purchase to allow transitioning between rod standards – making the Zip Focus truly universal.

Wooden Camera’s new Zip Focus

After trying the Zip Focus for some time, shooter/editor Martin Fobes said this: “My favorite feature of the Zip Focus is its small, simple, compact design. This is now a follow focus that I will keep in my bag 24/7”, while filmmaker Chris Ray, noted “it’s important to have quick camera accessories like the Zip Focus. I like how it attaches to a single rail and is ready to go immediately.”

The Zip Focus is available for pre-order to ship in early April through the Wooden Camera website and through their dealership network. Price for the accessory is $499.

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