Wireless control for Rosco Cube LEDs

Controlling your lighting from a distance is one of the options modern technology made possible, and we see more and more lighting system offering it. Now it’s time for Rosco to introduce its CubeConnect system.

Wireless control for Rosco Cube LEDs

Rosco’s CubeConnect system enables eff­ortless wireless control of your Miro or Braq Cubes from distances up to 2000 ‑ (600m), making it easier to place your lighting anywhere you need it and still have control.

Designed in conjunction with the design team over at The Black Tank, this new Wireless DMX solution has a name: CubeConnect. The system consists of two parts, the CubeConnect Transceiver and CubeConnect Dongle, which work together to enable simple wireless control of Rosco Miro and Braq Cubes from distances up to 2000 ‑ (600m).

The compact CubeConnect Transceiver  accepts lighting control commands (inputs) from DMX512,  BlueTooth Limited Energy (BLE – which will be implemented soon -, or Serial DB9 connections,  and sends the data back out on either the wireless antenna  or the DMX output.

The CubeConnect Dongle is a 2.4Ghz radio receiver which plugs right into the back of a MIRO Cube or BRAQ Cube, and accepts wireless lighting control data from a CubeConnect Transceiver. The low-profile, self-contained CubeConnect Dongle is powered from the fixture itself, so it does not need any sort of external power supply – making for a streamlined, clutter-free installation.

An additional receiver option includes the use of a second CubeConnect Transceiver, allowing CubeConnect to be deployed with any product which accepts DMX or to convert existing non-data track systems into intelligent systems.

Wireless control for Rosco Cube LEDs

Key Features

  • DMX or Serial outputs
  • Universal power adapter (100 – 240 VAC In/5VDC Out)
  • Locking feature to save configured scenes
  • Up to 254 output channels can be controlled by a single Transceiver
  • Master & Slave configuration when using multiple Transceivers in a common area
  • Compact size with multiple antenna configurations for optimal performance

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