Why Hindenburg Journalist PRO is the best Skype audio production tool I’ve ever used

Hindenburg Journalist PRO has three killer features that make it the current King for Skype audio production.

Hindenburg Journalist PRO with Skype 605

You may have read my recent article called Meet the Hindenburg family of audio production/editing tools, which is a three-page introduction. So far, I have used many diverse tools to produce audio interviews and co-hosts with Skype. In this article, you’ll learn of three killer Skype audio production features which —to my knowledge— are not available in any single currently available audio program for Mac OS X, beyond Hindenburg Journalist PRO.

In this article:


  • SIDEBAR: Clarification of Skype-to-Skype, SkypeIN, and SkypeOUT
    • Skype-to-Skype
    • SkypeIN, aka Skype Number
    • SkypeOUT, calling from Skype to a standard phone number
  • Feature 1: Direct access to Skype contacts from Hindenburg Journalist PRO to initiate or end a Skype call
  • Feature 2: Play an audio clip/sound bite to your Skype caller
  • Feature 3: Skype multitrack recording
  • Conclusions & my only related request

SIDEBAR: Clarification of Skype-to-Skype, Skype-IN, and Skype-OUT

There are multiple ways to make audio calls with Skype, including Skype-to-Skype, Skype-IN, and Skype-OUT. Here are some details.


Skype-to-Skype calls are always 100% free, and can be made between Skype contacts on any of the multitude of devices where a Skype app (application) exists, which include : Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Linux, Mac, Windows, and Windows Phone. In addition, Skype is beginning to offer Skype on the web with a plugin, and says that in the future, it will work even without a plugin. I often use this type of Skype call to produce a high-quality Skype call for audio production, as long as I know that the interviewee or co-host has both a good microphone and a good Internet connection. Whether or not you understand the language being spoken, if you want to hear the quality that one can achieve with Skype-to-Skype when both parties have a good Internet connection and a good microphone connected, you may listen to CapicúaFM’s episode 6 during the tease or the first segment where I discuss the Castilian verb hay with Ale Fantozzi. I was in Coral Gables/Miami, Florida, US, and she was in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Above you can click to play episode 6. For more info, visit Capicú

SkypeIN, aka Skype Number

As an optional paid service, you can have an incoming number associated with your Skype account. Then, people who only have a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) will be able to reach you on your Skype account. I don’t use this service, and I am only including it here to differentiate it from the below service, SkypeOUT.

SkypeOUT, calling from Skype to a standard phone number

For a low price per minute (or included unlimited use to certain numbers with certain Office365 plans), you can call from Skype to standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). I have used this many times to call interviewees, either when they didn’t have a good Internet connection or when they don’t have a good microphone to connect to Skype. In my opinion, a good telephone call is much better than the echo generally associated with using Skype in a hands-free “speakerphone” mode. Examples of the quality that can be achieved using SkypeOUT can be heard in CapicúaFM’s episode 3 —where I interviewed Spaniard singer-songwriter Sole Giménez on a mobile phone in México City using SkypeOUT:

Above you can click to play episode 3, where I interviewed Sole Giménez via a Mexican mobile phone using SkypeOUT. For more info, visit Capicú

and episode 2, where I used SkypeOUT to call two mobile numbers simultaneously: one in the US, and one in Colombia, South America.

Above you can click to play episode 2, where I interviewed the two Ospina brothers, one on his mobile phone in the US and the other on his Colombian mobile phone, using SkypeOUT conference call. For more info, visit Capicú


Feature 1: Direct access to Skype contacts from Hindenburg Journalist PRO to initiate or end a Skype call

Unlike other currently available Mac applications, to my knowledge, Hindenburg Journalist PRO is the only one that has direct access to initiate or add a Skype audio call to a recording directly from Hindenburg Journalist PRO. The Skype application must be running in the background, but there is no need to switch to the Skype application to initiate or end a Skype call.

Feature 2: Play an audio clip/sound bite to your Skype caller

Playing an audio clip/sound bite to my Skype interviewee or co-host for immediate comment is something that is extremely valuable. I have done this before Hindenburg Journalist PRO, but it has been much more cumbersome to accomplish. Now, with Hindenburg Journalist PRO, I am able to click-and-hold any audio clip that is in any of the Hindenburg Clipboards or Favorites, and the Skype caller and I will both hear it perfectly. For a complete explanation of the Hindenburg Clipboards and Favorites, see my article: Meet the Hindenburg family of audio production/editing tools. I used this feature for the first time in Hindenburg Journalist PRO during an interview with Spaniard bestselling author Ana Nieto Churruca for my CapicúaFM program, since I needed to play a portion of the Google spot for the new .soy TLD (Top Level Domain). I did it both for for Ana’s comment and for the audience’s information.

Above you can click to play CapicúaFM’s episode 5. For more info, visit Capicú

This is an extremely valuable feature for which I am very grateful to Hindenburg Journalist PRO’s developers, although I have requested an improvement upon it, as I’ll explain in the Conclusions section of this article.

Feature 3: Skype multitrack recording

Other Mac OS X applications like Call Recorder from eCamm, Piezo from Rogue Amoeba Software (limited to compressed formats only—no AIFF or WAVE), and Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba can record two-track from Skype for the signal from your microphone to be on one track and the Skype caller(s) be on the other. But what if you have multiple local microphones that you want to maintain on independent tracks? To my knowledge, Hindenburg Journalist PRO is the only currently-available standalone Mac OS X application that has direct access to Skype (without using any additional third-party help, or any external audio mixer) and is also capable of multitrack. So with Hindenburg Journalist PRO, all of your individual local microphones can be on its individual track, and your Skype callers can be yet on another one, which gives you the maximum control to edit, mute, level, and equalize each one independently in post. Of course, “in post” is within the same friendly application, Hindenburg Journalist PRO.

Conclusions & my only related request

As it already stands, Hindenburg Journalist PRO is indeed the most powerful Mac application I have ever used to produce audio interviews via Skype, for the reasons explained in this article. However, as of the publication date of this article, when you play a clip as described above during a recording, although both you and the Skype caller can hear that clip perfectly, it does not become recorded in the project/session. Ideally, I would like to see those clips played back live be recorded on their own simultaneous track. Currently, during editing, it is necessary to add the mentioned clip(s), which is exactly what I did in the example with Ana Nieto Churruca. It is not terrible to have to do it later, but it would save time in post if it were already done. It is possible that the developer will add that feature in a future update. In the meantime, I will cover workarounds in my upcoming article A return to multitrack USB audio on Mac, with catches.

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