What is Marketing Resource Management (MRM)?

Marketing Resource Management (MRM), also known as Marketing Operations Management and Brand Asset Management, is about using technology to manage marketing workflows, assets, campaigns and suppliers to reduce costs, reduce cycle times and improve brand consistency / compliance.

MRM is a horizontal technology, being applicable to any organisation where developing and maintaining a strong brand is important.

There is a wide range of technologies that can be used to automate marketing processes; some are part of the MRM solution while other tactical solutions and existing systems (e-mail marketing, stock management and campaign management tools) can be integrated.

The advantage of a modular, configurable solution is that the MRM functionality can be aligned with existing operational processes and systems over a period of time with each phase of deployment delivering a rapid return on investment.

Alternatively, an off-the-shelf solution can be deployed rapidly (in days), to deliver immediate automation of key marketing processes.

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