Cover your assets and streamline the workflow.

At the core of the Xinet WebNative workflow is the digital asset management system, a visual database of graphics and document elements that can be browsed or searched, dragged into documents, reformatted and shared.

By streamlining the collection, access, production, distribution and archiving of graphic media for advertising, publishing and corporate communications, Xinet WebNative saves its clients time and money, frequently creating profit centers for agencies and service departments.

Use Xinet WebNative to:

  • Collect illustrations, photography and other digital assets by uploading files along with XMP-formatted metadata. WebNative supports dozens of professional still and motion image formats.
  • Incorporate metadata already appended to any Adobe Creative Suite product in XMP. Additional metadata can be read into Xinet WebNative from any XML-compatible database or can be input or batch edited.
  • Reformat art to fit the specs of any job: With Xinet WebNative tools you can order customized versions of a file and download them to your desktop.
  • Create documents using FPO images downloaded from WebNative, then relink to high-resolution images stored on the server using the Xinet Picture Wrangler plug-in or extension.
  • Manage workflow with tools that are easy to apply to your company’s standard operating procedures. Custom-automated triggers and actions alert creative management to receipt of uploaded assignments, cue documents for review, notify clients of for-approval assignments, relay approvals throughout a team and automate delivery of final mechanicals to print partners.
  • Collaborate with clients and production partners by sharing files via WebNative. Tools like Interactive PDF make it possible to review all components and history of a completed layout remotely.
  • Integrate your DAM system with ERP systems that bring inventory data into an SKU asset’s metadata or with other third party tools that enhance the end-to-end workflow.
  • Secure your assets with Access Control Lists and by adding WebNative Portal, the proxy-server based front end for Web-accessed networks.
  • Grow. It’s as simple as adding servers. With WebNative Portal, users can search across every volume on the network and around the world quickly and efficiently.

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