VariCam Shorts Festival, Oct 20 in L.A.

Four shorts (at least), Q&A with filmmakers, food & drink, free

Panasonic is holding a free screening of shorts shot on the VariCam 35 and VariCam LT 4K digital cinema cameras in Hollywood on Thursday, October 20 2016, from 6:00–9:00pm.

Varicam LT

There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers, and free food and drink. Why? Panasonic is trying to spread awareness of the large-sensor VariCams and their imaging qualities: 14 stops dynamic range and really rather nice color, rendered from a dual-gain sensor with two “native” EIs: ISO 800 and ISO 5000. If you’re in the area, this is a good chance to get  eyeball prints all over some VariCam images.

The event is free, but you do need to register using Eventbrite.

(Panasonic also recently posted an article on Medium about shooting a music video overnight in an amusement park, with the video embedded. Yeah, it’s a PR piece, but it talks about lighting and workflow, so it’s not just “oh, what a cool camera” but more “here’s how I used this cool camera”.)

Here are the details on the VariCam Shorts Festival from Panasonic’s email:

Panasonic would like to invite you to our first VariCam Shorts Festival, showcasing short films shot with our VariCam 35 and LT 4K digital cinema cameras.

The screening will take place at Panasonic Hollywood Lab on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.


Panasonic Hollywood Lab
3330 Cahuenga Blvd W, Ste 502
LA, CA, 90063

The films include The Driver (dir. Aundre Johnson, DP Gareth Paul Cox), The Online Date (dir./DP Jim Matlosz), Postpartum (dir. Richard Bakewell, DP Chun Ming Huang), and Thanatophobia (dir. Peter Dimako, DP Matthew J. Siegel). There will be a Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening.

To reserve your ticket, please visit The event is free and food and drinks will be served.

VariCam Shorts Festival poster


Disclosure: I’m on the PR list for Panasonic, but they aren’t compensating me for flogging their event, which I’m doing of my own accord. I’m in the process of reviewing a VariCam LT, and all I can say so far is that it’s pretty sweet. If I were in L.A., I’d go see this. But I’m not, so I won’t.

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Chris Sweetland
Chris Sweetland

When do you think you will have the review for the LT finished? Will you also be testing RAW footy as part of it? I am thinking of getting the LT as it is deserving of more reviews and content about it.