VariCam LT 4K ‘Ready for Live’ assignments

A new firmware update makes the Panasonic VariCam LT 4K camera perfect for live multi-cam use for concerts, events, TV shows and corporate productions.

Panasonic VariCam LT 4K ‘Ready for Live’ assignments

Panasonic’s VariCam LT 4K camera has a new firmware update that sets the cinema camera up for live and “near live” multi-cam use. The firmware will be released next February.

Panasonic’s new firmware upgrade to the VariCam LT 4K camera expands the  number of situations where the camera can be used, transforming what is already a popular camera into a more versatile, all-around tool. Set to be released on February 19th, 2018, the Version 6 firmware upgrade enables a new shading mode, as well as tally and return video management. Full control of the cameras will be possible by using Panasonic’s AK-HRP1000 remote control panel.

“Everyone marvels at the VariCam LT’s beautiful cinematic look,” said Mitch Gross, PMEC Cinema Product Manager. “Now with the Version 6 firmware, the Super-35, wide dynamic range, high sensitivity image with those great VariCam colors can be seamlessly brought to live and near-live multi camera applications such as episodic TV, concerts, corporate events, and studio installations. The VariCam LT’s imaging capabilities can improve the look of any multi camera shoot while lowering costs. It’s a double-win.”

Cine Live

In the broadcast world, shading is a process that ensures all cameras will look consistent with each other and is executed with paint settings (black, white, chromas, iris, gain, etc.). In the cinema production world, grading is correcting colors, changing color space, or developing a specific look. The process is typically done with LUTs and CDLs. The new VariCam LT V6.0 update will allow the use of either the broadcast shading or the cinema grading workflows.

Multi camera live productions will benefit from extended control from the RCP, which includes full paint features – from standard “shading” processes to LUT and CDL management – as well as scene file selection, remote REC control and call function. Additionally, a PC can be connected to allow the use of live grading software (e.g., Pomfort, Colorfront, FireFly, Codex, etc.) to remotely upload LUTs and manage the camera’s look from a user-friendly color grading interface.

The new shading mode allows users the option to record V-log in-camera, as well as performing live in-camera color correction. Because the VariCam LT 4K has two separate SDI outputs for HD broadcast, it’s possible to output different video signals: one clean view for broadcasting or record-ing; and one monitoring view for status check, markers and menus. Fiber transmission is possible via transport systems from DTS, ERECA, Multidyne, Telecast, and more.

Panasonic VariCam LT 4K ‘Ready for Live’ assignments

Near Live

For “near live” production, users can record internally on each VariCam LT in 4K or HD 4:4:4 in AVC-Ultra or ProRes and match back to the live switch, allowing for adjustments in the edit as well as the option for precise final image grading in post-production. Near Live productions include live shows (theater, concerts, stand-up comedy), fashion shows, and corporate events that are not broadcast live.

Cine Live advantages

Using a VariCam LT cinema camera offers several benefits over smaller sensor broadcast cameras that are typically used for live events.

  • Create cinematic depth of field with VariCam’s award-winning Super 35mm sensor
  • Take advantage of the VariCam’s HDR-ready 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • VariCam image quality and color science
  • Capture low light shots using VariCam’s Dual Native 800/5,000 ISO feature
  • The 5,000 ISO function can compensate stop loss when using optical adaptors for 2/3” lenses or slower long zooms

A new ’live mode’ fan setting reduces fan noise even when not recording in the VariCam LT, making it well-suited for live environments.

Panasonic VariCam LT 4K ‘Ready for Live’ assignments

“The VariCam LT’s latest firmware upgrade will make it the best large sensor camera to use for live production applications such as TV shows, concerts and corporate events,” said Gross. “It perfectly matches the VariCam’s renowned look and takes advantage of our extensive expertise in broadcast camera systems. It makes the camera incredibly versatile.”

Panasonic will showcase the new firmware at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2018 (Hall 1, Stand H20) and NAB 2018 (Booth C3607) and the VariCam LT will be available for demonstrations. Like all VariCam firmware upgrades, V6.0 for the VariCam LT 4K is a free download.

Follow the link to Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV  for more information.

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