Understanding Premiere Pro’s Color Management 19
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Matt Silverman

I don’t agree. This discrepancy is an Adobe Mediacore issue. When I render ProRes4444 out of Resolve it looks identical in QT Player. If I put the render into an Adobe app it looks very similar but not exact. When rendered back out of Mediacore gamma goes lighter in QT Player, but the pixels are correct back in AE/Premiere or Resolve. This is because Resolve is embedding Gamma/Color tags in the QT which QT Player understands. Adobe is not embedding these tags, and for good reason… these tags are deprecated by Apple and developers are told not that they will be ignored. However they are obviously not being ignored and allowing Resolve to match QT Player. I’m sure that Adobe’s color scientist sitting on a beach in Hawaii will tell you they will never add these tags cause that’s how a scientist operates. BlackMagic’s braintrust seem to push more to the right side of the brain and realize its very important for our colors to match and are willing to break the rules to do what makes common sense. Good info on this here: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=95658

Oliver Peters

I have not found the Resolve renders to be correct in QT Player either. I explained this in the previous article about trusting Apple displays. That’s because Resolve uses the 2.4 gamma tag, so the image in QT Player doesn’t match the image in the Resolve viewer either. Just my experience.

Oliver Peters

PS: The Baselight video in that BMD thread is a very good explanation. Thanks for that. Direct link is: https://vimeo.com/349868875

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