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Your flashing “Latest” “PVC Favorites”.. Is distracting, and makes you page unreadable.. I just read the first paragraph.. Now going elsewhere..

Scott Simmons

Hmm.. there is no flashing Latest or PVC Favorites section, those run down the side of a browser depending on what you’re using and do not flash. Some of the ads to change which could be considered flashing. But since this is a FREE resource we have to rely on ads to continue to pay our writers and provide quality content. Apologies that this isn’t to you’re liking. We do hope you will return in the future.

A j

I am also seeing the PVC and Latest sidebar flashing on Brave browser.

Robin Watson

v2 was fine. v.3 is just a pain in the ass – crashes, bugs galore, slow as molasses. v.2 at least did what it says on the tin. v.3 is a total nonstarter.

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