Switching to Adobe Premiere Pro-A 4-part switcher series

See why Final Cut Editors have made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro


More and more Final Cut editors are using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to make them more efficient. If you’re wondering if Adobe Premiere Pro is really worth the switch, check out the four-part web series (replay links are listed below) featuring Final Cut editors and how and why they use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. You’ll learn the real story on Adobe Premiere Pro’s Mercury Playback Engine, what it means to edit DSLR footage natively, and how you can remove bottlenecks in your pipeline when working with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. To follow up the series, check out the Q&A session to see if your burning questions were answered.

Don’t forget to check out the resources we have for Final Cut and Avid editors here making the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro. We have also created a 7-part video series that answer a ton of questions. Check it out on AdobeTV. For information on hardware support, we have a special site just for that purpose and even have benchmarking data to give you the real scoop on Mercury. Finally, for all things revolving around HDSLR video editing, Adobe has created a site that is full of free video tutorials and tips & tricks.

Leveraging Advanced Features and the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro with Chris Fenwick

Join Chris Fenwick, as he explains his personal frustrations with Final Cut and why he decided to make the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. Chris will showcase Adobe Premiere Pro’s more advanced features and how the 64-bit, GPU accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine speeds his entire editing workflow while solving a variety editing challenges. View the replay here: http://bit.ly/ChrisFenwick.

HDSLR editing in Adobe Premiere Pro with Richard Harrington

Join Richard Harrington, author of From Still to Motion, as he shows you why he uses Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 for editing HDSLR footage. Rich will share his post-production techniques and editing strategies in Adobe Premiere Pro for HDSLR color correction, audio syncing, and camera calibration. You’ll discover how to harness the professional-quality tools in CS5 Production Premium to natively edit, color correct, mix audio, and publish to the web and Blu-ray Disc. View the replay here: http://bit.ly/RichHarrington

Tight Integration and Multi-Format Timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro with Colin Smith

Join Colin Smith, from PhotoshopCAFE.com as he shows you why he uses Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to create training DVDs. Because of Adobe Premiere Pro’s tight integration with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects as well as its ability to edit multi-format assets on the same timeline without converting to Pro-Res, Colin uses the suite of tools in Adobe CS5 Production Premium to speed his entire production workflow. View the replay here: http://bit.ly/ColinSmith

Making the Switch Q&A with Industry Experts Karl Soule & Kevin Monahan

Think of making the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro? Join Karl Soule, Adobe Premiere Pro expert, and Kevin Monahan, former Final Cut Pro editor, and get your questions answered. Learn how you can take advantage of Adobe Premiere Pro’s breakthrough performance and true native editing of DSLR formats. Have a hardware question? No problem, we have the answers you need to help you make the switch. View the replay here: http://bit.ly/Karl_Kevin
If you have a particular question you’d like answered, let Adobe know below.


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