The US Army’s Syndicated Television Program “The Big Picture” 1
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Richard Hall

Many thanks to you for this detailed and important information. Facts about the Big Picture are strangely hard to come by; at least online. We broadcast them on C-SPAN from time to time (i produce “Reel America”) when an anniversary aligns with a topic – like the impending 70th anniversary of the Korean War. October 7, 1951 as a start date is the first time I have seen this online. Thank you. Wikipedia is helpful but somewhat misses the mark there.

Jeff Missinne

Adolph Zukor did not die in 1936, but in 1976 (at age 103!) After 1936, however, he was no longer chief of production for Paramount, but was moved upstairs to chairman of the board of the company; a position he held until retiring in 1964, and working mainly from New York rather than Hollywood.

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