The Importance Of Being Useful

Influential Marketing Blog: The Importance Of Being Useful.

Techno-centricUntil our modern day, humanity had never made useless tools. When archaeologists found “tools” while unearthing history, they would find hammers or arrowheads – tools that were clearly designed to solve some sort of problem.Useful tools. When historians look back at the exploding universe of social media tools that we are building today, they will clearly uncover considerably less usefulness.Being useful has become a forgotten virtue.

Without it, new platforms pop up every day to try and capitalize on some sort of micro-issue … all adding to the sense of overload that many of us are now feeling when it comes to how social media fits into our lives. In the business world, this has translated into an overload of advice and confusing array of options. Running a marketing campaign for any product or service is much more complex because media channels themselves have become more complex

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