Teradek updates Cloud platforms

Teradek announced at NAB 2017 major upgrades to its Core and Sharelink cloud platforms.

Teradek updates Cloud platforms

The introduction of real-time transcoding by Teradek, allows users to set the specific bit rate and resolution requirements for any destination they stream to.

The new features announced for Teradek’s Core and Sharelink cloud platforms greatly expand the capabilities of their H.264 and H.265 codecs by introducing multi-platform delivery, transcoding, 3rd party encoder support, and remote management of VidiU encoders.

Core is Teradek’s IP video management platform, which allows users to route, record, and remotely manage their Teradek codecs from anywhere in the world. Now Teradek is introducing real-time transcoding, allowing users to set the specific bit rate and resolution requirements for any destination they stream to. Core transcoding will allow broadcasters to maintain a high bit rate and maximum resolution for their main feed, while stepping down those requirements for platforms with more restricting standards, such as Periscope and Facebook Live.

Most importantly, Core transcoding will allow broadcasters to get the most out of their Teradek HEVC codecs. Since H.265 adoption is still growing, many platforms and hardware systems still require video feeds in the AVC format. With transcoding, broadcasters can stream to Core in HEVC and then transcode to AVC for content delivery, saving bandwidth overhead and data cost in the process.

Core will also see the introduction of MPEG-TS ingest, which allows 3rd party encoders to stream directly into the platform, allowing broadcasters to manage their entire IP video ecosystem from one centralized location in the cloud.

Teradek is expanding the Sharelink platform to offer one of the most requested features of 2017: multi-platform delivery. For just $10 a month, VidiU and VidiU Pro users will be able to stream to 5 destinations at one time, whether that’s 5 different Facebook Pages or 5 different platforms. For a small additional fee, users can send their content to any number of RTMP destinations simultaneously.

Teradek is also introducing remote management for all VidiU encoders, which will allow users to monitor video feeds and change the device’s bit rate, resolution, overlays, and audio configuration from anywhere in the world.

New “On-Demand” bonding plans are also available for VidiU Pro customers, giving users much more flexibility than existing monthly options. For just $10/hr, users can stream at any bit rate over any combination of network connections to 5 destinations at once.

The new updates to Core and Sharelink will be available Q2 2017. To learn more about Core and Sharelink, visit Teradek’s website.

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