Television Firsts Surround the Crowning of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 1
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Lou Varga

Hello all,
My father was an aircraft mechanic in Columbus, Ohio in 1953. As children we heard that he was dispatched to airport to work on one of the planes carrying Coronation film to the west coast from the east. Any flight records exist of a plane landing in Columbus for emergency repairs. He told us it was a high speed craft but we never thought to ask details.

Joe Bacon

At 12 yrs of age I watched on a small screen TV as the P-51 roll to a stop at Logan(I thought it was Laguardia or Idlewild. The canopy slid back, a couple reels were handed to a guy in the wing, put in a vehicle, and within the hour we watched the beautiful Queen receive her crown. I was into airplanes and thought that was cool.

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