Stingray Utility Hip Pack: a versatile pack for filmmakers to use on-set and off-set

Comfortable to wear, extremely spacious, the Stingray Utility Hip Pack features two large main compartments for many accessories, tools and even a mobile phone.

Stingray Utility Hip Pack for boom operators

Designed by and for Sound Utility and Boom Operators, the new Stingray Utility Hip Pack from K-Tek is a versatile solution that you’ll want to use both while working and in your leisure time.

Stingray Utility Hip Pack for boom operatorsA major evolutionary leap from the good, old fashioned fanny pack, this customer-designed Hip Pack is the industry’s first hip pack designed by and for Sound Utility and Boom Operators. It features two spacious compartments, one with a built-in organizer, and offers places to hold equipment, accessories, tools, a mobile phone and what ever is needed to be close at hand and easy to find.

The two sections offer wrap-around zippers for easy access. The main compartment measures 10” x 10” x 3”/ 25cm x 25 cm x 8 cm while the front compartment is an ample 7”x8.5”/18 cm x 35 cm.  Each features soft orange lining with smartly detailed advantages like velour and mesh pockets, a view-through vinyl-backed mesh section, and elasticized fabric pouches. From the easy-grab zipper tabs to the elastic tool organizer, it is built to go to work.

Stingray Utility Hip Pack for boom operators

Wearable in a number of ways

In fact, this everyday piece of work-wear is large enough to fit a Sound Devices MixPro-3 or MixPre-6 for stealth recording. Small elastic pouches within are sized to fit Stingray KSLP1 Lav pouches, and a host of handy goods like cables, adapters, tape, pens, and cleaning kits. The sound department is just the start: the Utility Hip Pack can facilitate various roles in other on-set departments like lighting, grip, camera, make-up, still photography and script.

The Stingray Utility Hip Pack is so versatile, in fact, that you’ll not want to leave it behind, and you’ll end using it off-set in your personal life. Comfortable to handle, with a unique soft corner curved design, its adjustable wide fabric waistband and padded exterior lets it be worn in a number of ways: holster style with the stay-in-place resizable and removable thigh-strap, as a fanny-pack, or even cross shoulder.

The Stingray Utility Hip Pack weighs just 14 ounces/390 grams. Priced at $123.50, it is available online or from K-Tek dealers.

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