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Faster, Together Presents Steve Hullfish

Steve Hullfish at Faster, Together

Steve Hullfish has interviewed some of the tops minds in feature film editorial for Art of the Cut. Perhaps you’ve even read his interview with Jeffrey Ford, the editor of Avengers – Infinity War. Steve is prolific writer and a feature film editor himself. He has credits on movies like War Room, Courageous, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. His personal experience alone makes Steve qualified to speak on editing technique. In fact, Steve has written numerous books on the topic.

In fact, during college, I learned how to color grade from Steve’s book “The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction”. It wan’t sold in the school library. So, I borrowed it for days at a time from a friend.

It made perfect sense for Steve to be part of the lineup for the Faster, Together Stage this year. In his presentation, he discusses wisdom he’s gained from interviews with 50 editors. It was relieving to hear about storytelling rather than software. He pulls from his interviews with the editors of Blade Runner 2049, Star Wars: Rogue One, Arrival, Dunkirk, and much more.

Much of being a good editor is good politics. Steve discusses how to work with a director so they want to work with you again. He also discusses how bad ideas can lead to good ideas. “Exploring something that is not the solution may lead to the solution,” says Steve. These days it is easy to explore an odd idea to see if it works. Exploratory editing can lead to great results.

Steve’s presentation looks as editing as an art of refinement. Great scenes are rarely made great on the first pass. Steve explores ways to get to great. His presentation is well worth the watch.

For more presentations from the Faster, Together Stage go to fastertogether.com

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