Sony ZV-1 camera framerate shyness + outgoing modes via HDMI & USB 15
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Steph R.


I have read all the article, thank you for your wonderful and insightful work!
However I have one more simple, stupid, question. Does ZV-1 ouput 4K @ 60 FPS or not? I am confused by the sony menu, coming from a Fujifilm ecosystem.
I have also read the official manuals but couldn’t find my answer.

Thank you!

Scott Whitley

OMG – I’ve been farting about for over a year trying to sort strange jitter issues using Sony ZV-1 cameras, Atem mini switchers and OBS on an AMD Ryzen laptop.

Not one single piece of literature or video I’ve seen up until your article has shed any real light on either the “Sony stuck at 50 or 60 fps frame rate even when set to shoot at 25/30p” issue or the OBS screen dropped frame in lower frame rates issue.

This article has given me complete clarity (I think lol) and I’ve now got my cameras set to 25p, Atem Mini Extreme ISO set to 50 fps, accepting the Sony’s (doubled-25 fps) 50 fps HDMI output. In OBS I’ve set the Atem to be seen at 50fps (again no down conversion) and finally set the OUTPUT of OBS to 25 fps, regaining my original camera 25p settings.

Thanks a million for this – I’m certain this article has allowed me to fix my issue.



Hello Allan,

My warm thanks for your many articles on this topic (as well as on many others), until I found them this problem was a complete mystery.

Unless I’m following your instructions incorrectly, I’m not able to resolve the problem when using either a Sony ZV-E10 or Sony A7C with an ATEM Extreme ISO. Setting the output of the Sony to 25p and the ATEM to 50p still means that interlacing-like artefacts appear on diagonals and moving objects.

I’ve tried every combination I can think of to resolve this, including NTSC frame rate combinations (I’m based in Europe).

So far Blackmagic tell me that the ATEM should be able to convert a PsF signal to the standard set within the unit. My testing suggests that this isn’t the case. The direct HDMI out and all ISO recordings show these interlacing “jaggies”.

While I could look at some of the lower-budget solutions you propose to convert a 4K signal from the Sony to a 1080p output, this would be prohibitive when using many cameras, adding a lot of cables, failure points and expense.

I’m close to simply giving up on trying to use Sony cameras with the ATEM Mini range. I’d love to hear if you have any insight into what I might be doing wrong, or if anything has changed since you last wrote on this topic. It is clear that Sony’s strange doubling of frame rates is the problem here, but it’s quite strange that Blackmagic don’t offer a solution for such a scenario within their ATEM switchers.

If Blackmagic get back to me with a workaround I’ll share this here.

My thanks,



Ah, I should perhaps add that I’m wondering the Sony FX (FX3, FX30) range might have solved this issue. I don’t have one to test, but perhaps as these are so video-centric, we might hope that they have solved it? I can’t find anything online however.

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