Social Tagging for Business

The problem…

Put simply we are all facing information overload…

User generated content is now filling the web as fast as our e-mail accounts are being filled by spam. Nothing is being deleted from the web, bloggers are simply copying and pasting articles to generate web traffic.

We have information at our fingertips, but we do not have the tools to help us select which sources to rely on – so we’re trying to read it all.

If you use a PC at work, you now spend a significant amount of time each week researching news, business topics or project data. Less than 5% of your time will be productive and 30% of your time will be duplicating what your colleagues have already researched.

In financial terms, it’s costing every business 1,000/year/worker.

Isn’t it time, you considered a solution – and gave workers more effective tools?

Today’s search engines have incredible power, but they make their money from advertising. That means they need you to continue searching… day after day. Across an entire workforce that is simply a massive waste of resource and effort…

We have the solution. Our platform is low cost, easy to deploy, bookmarking exchange. Almost any organisation can benefit by taking control of the information their workforces read on the Web during the course of a normal working day.

The principle is very simple – if I find something valuable on the Web, I recommend it to my colleages. My recommendations contribute to the whole organisation, forming a single preferred database of recommended web resources. By sharing bookmarks across the organisation, we save time, improve sharing of expertise and reduce wasted web research time.

how does it work?

The principle is very simple. If I find something valuable on the Web I can bookmark it using the toolbar.

I can bookmark virtually any web page on the Internet, Intranet – even my desktop. The Tagsearch approach to bookmarking is unique (patent pending) and has been developed specifically for use in a business and research context. It involves a simple 3 step process:

Rate I rate the webpage from 1 to 5 stars (5 being excellent)
Book I book the webpage to a project, client or research topic
Tag I add keywords and a personal recommendation to help myself and others retrieve it

The system does the rest, automatically saving the bookmark into the company database. Its fast and easy to use. I’m not distracted and can focus on my work. It only records what I submit and it keeps my web activity confidential.

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