Skylum Luminar 3.1.1: going faster now

Skylum announced that Luminar 3.1.1, the latest update to its photo editing and management software, improved launch times and reliability.

Skylum Luminar 3.1.1: going faster now

Even if you have hundreds — even thousands — of photos in your library, you’ll find an improved launch time in Luminar, thanks to the recent update, says Skylum.

According to Skylum, Both Mac and Windows versions see an easier navigation thanks to the new update. Have a photo that you’re trying to locate in a specific folder? It’s now easier than ever. All you have to do is right-click on the photo and select Go to > Folder in Library, and you’ll be immediately taken to the folder that contains that photo. This is perfect for finding photos that are related to a certain image you’re currently working with, making sure that you can find all your creative work necessary.

Windows users can take it a step further, finding all photos from the same date by right-clicking Go to > Images from the same date. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll also see a speed boost to the album creation process. When working with a large number of photographs, you can now create an album faster than ever before, says the company.

Luminar’s roadmap

Finally, Mac users also gain the ability to change the language separate of your system settings. Browse to Luminar 3 > Language in the top menu bar, and select one of the many languages from the list. According to Skylum, you can go from English to German with just the click of a button!

With the increase in speed and ease of use, coupled with the new Accent AI 2.0 filter  introduced with with version 3.1.0, Luminar 3 continues to improve its abilities, making it, says Skylum,  the perfect tool to finish your creative journey with. Mac users can update to version 3.1.1 by choosing Luminar 3 in the top menu bar, and then clicking “Check for updates.” Windows users can choose Help > Check for updates on the top toolbar.

If you want to see what’s next on the horizon for Luminar, check the roadmap published by the company. Skylum has a ton more heading your way soon!

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