Single Chip Camera Evaluation screening tomorrow morning at CineGear

The 12 cameras you might shoot on compared in depth – dynamic range, resolution, rolling shutter, skin tones, etc.

I was the post supervisor on the SCCE (Single Chip Camera Evaluation) for the past several months – we shot on 12 cameras (Alexa, film, F35, Red, AF100, Sony F3, Phantom Flex, Weisscam HS-2, Canon 1D MkIV, 7D, 5D Mk II, and Nikon D7000), and ran them through an extensive battery of tests – sharpness, sensitivity, over and underexposure latitude, low light performance, compression artifacts, color reproduction, skin tones, and the best shutter artifacts test I’ve ever seen. Saturday June 4th at 10:15am.

We recorded everything as best each camera could, up to and including uncompressed 10 bit RGB 4:4:4 or RAW as each camera was capable. Color correction was intentionally light – just enough to let you see how they compare.

Come see the results at CineGear tomorrow morning at 10:15 at the Paramount Theater. More info at

It’s mah birfday, too – I am old.

UPDATE – and here are the objectives of the SCCE, as written by the organizer of this massive effort – my good friend Bob Primes, ASC:

Objectives of the SCCE
Single Chip Camera Evaluation

To accurately and impartially subject the leading single sensor motion picture cameras to a battery of tests designed to reveal the limits of their performance.
To organize the tests into separate areas of image quality such as sharpness, sensitivity, latitude etc.
To clearly delineate the objective and results of each specific test in an easily comprehensible manner.
To relate the objective results from charts with real world image comparisons.
To familiarize the public with the depth and complexity of image evaluation.
To provide an alternative source of information other than marketing claims.
To encourage consultation with cinematographers about camera evaluations.
To provide a reference set of images freely available to the public.
To provide a template for future image quality evaluations.



Mike Curtis

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