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Sigma Announces New Lenses and Prices: NAB 2017 Video

Two new lenses and official pricing announced

At NAB 2017 Sigma announced two new lenses to their brand new Cine Lenses line-up of cinema style lenses. The 14mm T2.0 and the 135mm T2.0. These two new lenses mean the entire Sigma Prime Cine Lens line-up numbers seven covering focal lengths from 14mm up to 135mm. One last piece of information before you watch the video… Sigma finally announced the prices for their Prime Cine Lenses. These lenses are priced at $3,500 each with Sigma looking at bundled pricing soon. $3,500 is a nice affordable price for a single lens, but I really wonder what kind of a discount one may expect if they were to buy all seven prime lenses.

Sigma Cine Full-Frame Lens Look


If you are wondering what do the Sigma lenses look like then take a look at the videos produced to show off the new Sigma Cine lenses look and what these lenses are capable of delivering for a cinematographer. About these lenses, of the seven prime cine lenses, all but two have apertures that open up to a T1.5. Only the new prime lenses, the 14mm, and 135mm have different apertures which up to T2.0. These Sigma Cine lenses all have focus rings and iris rings in similar places allowing for fast lens changes without the need to worry about re-arranging follow focus or iris control. Sigma also took the care to give these lenses common 95mm front diameters.

Now, Sigma has ten lenses available to filmmakers. Seven prime Cine Lenses, two Super35mm Cine zooms, and one full-frame zoom. All of these lenses at a not too expensive of a price. Now, I hear Sigma may produce a mirrorless video camera. Maybe we will see it at NAB 2018.


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